Thursday, October 9, 2008

My first design at knitting berret hat

Material : Softy wool (CraftandMe )
Hook size : Circular needle 4 mm and 5 mm

There is a story behind my first hat. My son gave me a USB and said,"Mom please take alook at this short movie". Ooo... It's a korean girl artist there who wearing a hat.
"Could you make like this one?" he asked me. I hope you can do it mam, cause this is an order from my friend. I said to her that my mam could make anything with crochet or knitting."
Glad to hear that he proud of me.. but... I never make with knitting this one. It's about 7.00 pm and havent much time to browsing in internet cause today I must finish it. She need to wear it today. So... i make a simple one.. I only use rib stich, seedstich, basketwave stich, garter and stokinette in this hat. Finished. I give it to him this morning.. He give me a hug and smile.. Great mom.. Ssstt.. you know why he do it? Cause he'll has an extra income from this hat.. :D Thanks for all of you support J.

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