Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alternative stopper for your knitting project

Do you have a stopper for your handphone case, bag tails or your hotpants like this one?
It's only about Rp.500,-/piece ( US$0.05). You need 2 pieces of this one to make a stopper for you wip project. With only Rp. 1.000,- (US$ 0.10) you have a great stopper.
How does it work? Just push the top knot of this stopper with your hand. Insert your hook into the middle loop in it, put at the right place at your hook. Leave your hand. After you leave it the stopper'll grip the hook. Strong enough. I guarantee your wip'll be save from dropstiches .. :)


Yuliazmi said...

whoa... a brillian idea!

Gracen said...

Love this idea. Now I'll have to figure out where to buy these little things. :-)