Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Small things that I have been made

Play with left over and make a small things . Here they're :

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New hat again

This is an order from one of my friends. She love soft colour and want a hat that could be match with every colour. I try to imagine what kind of hat fit for her.

This one is great I think. With soft colour and a texture on it. I sent it to her and today she send me a SMS message.. Thata.. I love it.. love it... It's really me.... hi..hi... And there is a note with it. Her friend in the office want me to make a new hat for her. She only choose the colour.. I can make it with my free style.. Glad to hear it. Cause it's difficult for me to do the same pattern..hi..hi..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Play with your initial name

I try to make a square with initial name (M). Its about 12 x 12 cm square. Then you can arrange them one by one like this and then join them together. It's a great scarf. Isn't it??
Happy knitting :)

Alternative stopper for your knitting project

Do you have a stopper for your handphone case, bag tails or your hotpants like this one?
It's only about Rp.500,-/piece ( US$0.05). You need 2 pieces of this one to make a stopper for you wip project. With only Rp. 1.000,- (US$ 0.10) you have a great stopper.
How does it work? Just push the top knot of this stopper with your hand. Insert your hook into the middle loop in it, put at the right place at your hook. Leave your hand. After you leave it the stopper'll grip the hook. Strong enough. I guarantee your wip'll be save from dropstiches .. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tips and Trick

Dear all,
Just want to share something that maybe could be useful. For clear instruction please take a look at :

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My first design at knitting berret hat

Material : Softy wool (CraftandMe )
Hook size : Circular needle 4 mm and 5 mm

There is a story behind my first hat. My son gave me a USB and said,"Mom please take alook at this short movie". Ooo... It's a korean girl artist there who wearing a hat.
"Could you make like this one?" he asked me. I hope you can do it mam, cause this is an order from my friend. I said to her that my mam could make anything with crochet or knitting."
Glad to hear that he proud of me.. but... I never make with knitting this one. It's about 7.00 pm and havent much time to browsing in internet cause today I must finish it. She need to wear it today. So... i make a simple one.. I only use rib stich, seedstich, basketwave stich, garter and stokinette in this hat. Finished. I give it to him this morning.. He give me a hug and smile.. Great mom.. Ssstt.. you know why he do it? Cause he'll has an extra income from this hat.. :D Thanks for all of you support J.