Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yellow Alert Shawl

My design for shawl in 2011. I still want to make another one with another variation. 

I satisfied with this one but I need more inspiration to finish my red alert shawl. LOL

Rag doll fashion show

 Ladies and gentlemen,

These are our collection for this summer 2011. Hope all of you love our design.

Da..da..da... here they're

Am I pretty ??

A new style in ragdoll dress. I always love make dresses for this doll. Cutie and you can imagine anything. 

Wait for my next fashion show..LOL ( my friend told me someday i will make a fashion show for rag doll )

Rag doll again

Rapper style.. LOL.. 

yo..yo..yo.. let's dance..yo..yo..yo... let's play with needle and yarn..yo..yo.. c'mon..c'mon.. lets knitting :)))